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23rd June 2024 

Professional Qualifications

I have completed a wide variety of trainings over the years including using CBT skills and EMDR and Trauma, and shorter continuing professional development courses.
My formal qualifications are in counselling and therapy and I first qualified as an arts therapist in 1997. Since then I have completed trainings in Counselling, Attachment Focused Therapy, and a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice. I am also trained in EMDR.

I qualified as a Clinical Supervisor for individuals and groups in 2011, and have been practising as a supervisor ever since. I also tutor on a counselling training course.
I have also completed online training and I am currently working face to face and online

Areas of Interest

I am interested in the power of metaphor. We use metaphor everyday in our language often without full awareness, as a means of communicating. Life, and therapy as well, are often metaphorically described as a journey. Metaphor can be a useful way to both verbally and creatively explore personal experience.

My work is informed by my training in attachment theory and this has been useful when working with trauma. Trauma is an issue which is very common in counselling and therapy, but this is not to dismiss the huge impact it has on the individual self. Trauma can be the result of a specific one -off incident or from an ongoing situation. I have worked with people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and relational trauma and they have found it helpful and healing to have a space where they can try to explore and process the impact of their experience.

Personal Approach

I am relational in my approach and I am intrigued by how one makes meaning of being in the world. I have seen that for many people they are confronted with an existential crisis which has been brewing for some time or comes about after an important event and leads to a search for meaning. People often ask: 'What's the point?' or 'What is life about?'
Therapy can help unravel such questions.